Bosphorus cruise

Bosphorus Cruise – One of The Best Attraction in İstanbul

İstanbul, Turkey sits astride the İstanbul Strait ( Bosphorus). That is the meeting of 2 continents. The İstanbul Bosphorus is what separates Asia and Europe. One of the best activity in İstanbul is taking a Bosphorus cruise tour, that provides an overview of the top sites in the city.

The Bosphorus Straits are fascinating. The Bosphorus is an innate sea channel connecting the Black Sea to the north with the Sea of Marmara to the south. The Strait is 19 miles (31 km) long. It is 2.1 miles (3420 meters) wide at the widest point, and 700 meters ( 0.4 miles) wide at the narrowest point. These are the narrowest straits in the planet that let for major international transportation (i.e., large contain ships).

About 20% of the population of İstanbul (15 million people) cross the Strait every day. The İstanbul Bosphorus is one of the busiest shipping channels in the planet. Nearly 200 long-distance ships travel through the Bosphorus each day, and thousands of smaller boats cross the waters every day. Also, travelers can cruise from Istanbul on several smaller cruise lines to discover the Mediterranean.

Of course, there are a lot of Bosphorus cruise options and you have several options to make:

• Evening or day time? The initial can include a Bosphorus dinner cruise.

• Full straits or only the central district closest to İstanbul?

• Private/dedicated cruise or Public ferry of the Bosphorus?

• Do you want to take off the boat and discover, or just take in the Strait of İstanbul from a cruise?

Whatever you decide, one thing is clear – from the hotel concierge to the people on the street, everybody will do everything in their power to get you on a Bosphorus cruise. That is why you need to pick the right boat for you.

The best option will be a non-stop cruise of the central district for most visitors. Most tours leave from the Galata Bridge zone in the Golden Horn zone, but some of them will leave from Kabataş, near many of the hotels in Taksim.

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