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Avsa Island trip with İstanbul Bosphorus tours

Avsa Island, which is frequently preferred by local and foreign tourists for summer holidays, is a good alternative for those who want to spend the weekend due to its proximity to İstanbul Bosphorus tours. Avşa, where night life runs out of breath, has places where everyone can enjoy pleasant moments and activities are carried out. It also fascinates visitors with its natural and historical beauties.

As soon as you set foot in Avşa Island, which has made a name for itself in the world with wine production, you can turn your route to wine factories. You can taste the wines produced in Bortaçina and Büyülübağ factories. Hagios Georgos monastery may be the second leg of your trip. The ruins of the monastery, which has 2 floors and 80 rooms, have survived to the present day.

Seeing the time-defying sycamore tree and drinking a cup of coffee in the shade is one of the activities that those who come to Avsa do not return without doing. Other places you can visit in the region with fine sandy beaches; Mavikoy, Cinaralti Bay and Kumtur İstanbul Bosphorus tours.

Although the island of Avsa is extremely crowded, especially in the summer, it is quite difficult to experience accommodation. As soon as you set foot on the island, travel agencies will compete with each other to become your own guests. You can choose from the dozens of options that best suits your budget and enjoyment. Likewise, hotels, boutique hotels, hostels and rental houses are usually priced to suit visitors’ budget.

Although Avsa Island does not have a local flavor, its restaurants are of very high quality. If you wish, you can quickly eat at the fast food restaurants and set off without losing the day. Products such as kumpir, doner, kebab and toast are the most popular foods you can easily find in the restaurants along the coastline. You can also taste fresh seafood in a seafront location.

It is possible to find entertainment suitable for all ages in Avsa Island, which is one of the top places among the holiday resorts where night life flows continuously. For young people and those who are always young, there are places like Tanz Disco, Club Liatris and Avşa Arena where the entertainment doesn’t stop until dawn and for those who are looking for a more peaceful and pleasant chat environment, pubs, bars and restaurants especially serve on the coastline İstanbul Bosphorus tours. Raki-fish culture is experienced in a different dimension in Avsa Island as in almost every holiday resort with coastline. For shopping, you can buy souvenirs from small markets where local crafts are exhibited. The works, which are usually occupied by the local people, are presented to the visitors at the stalls. You can buy a piece from Avsa Island for yourself or for your loved ones.

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