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Istanbul weekend with Bosphorus Tours

Every day, Istanbul stressed by work stress, traffic, cost of living and so on, they are looking for places to make a weekend getaway to ease the burden and relax. The effects of a two-day holiday on the renovation process can be incredible.

In a metropolitan city like Istanbul Bosphorus Tours, entering the wheel of monotony in a certain order every day with 17 million people overwhelms people and causes a decrease in the quality of life. Those who want to recover both physically and spiritually take their breath at the peaceful spots of Istanbul that are not known much, intertwined with nature.

Those who want to have a weekend getaway do not want to get away from the city too much. A few extra hours to spend on the road, both stealing from the 2-day weekend, as well as a certain part of his life in traffic, on the road, tired of the people who spent in the car.

If you have a weekend away from all the stress that you can only devote to yourself, your spouse, family or loved ones, there are a few things to do in Istanbul Bosphorus Tours and its surroundings. But before you leave, you must determine where you are going and where you will stay, and have prepared your plan completely.

As it is close to Istanbul, you should use a ferry to go to Avsa Adasi which is a frequent host for weekend visitors. If you wish, you can also take your car to Yenikapı and Bostancı. The ferry is directly docked at Iskele Square.

You can use your personal vehicle in city transportation or you can prefer minibuses departing from the municipality. In addition, you can rent a bike in Avşa, just like the islands, and go anywhere.

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