ortakoy bosphorus tour

Ortakoy Bosphorus Tour

You can take the tour from Ortakoy which leaves by the dock on the left hand of the mosque, every hour. This is affordable, and a lovely one hour boat ride from bridge to bridge.

Ortakoy buzzes with the energy of bars, cafés, restaurants, and nightclubs. The main landscape here is Ortakoy Cami (the Ortakoy Mosque), a 19th-century construction featuring a blend of baroque and neoclassical influences. Behind it, the first Bosphorus Bridge looms, connecting 2 continents. A lot of small-group and private tours that include Bosphorus cruises visit Ortakoy.

Ortakoy Bosphorus Tour generally also visit Dolmabahce Palace, the Spice Bazaar,  Rumeli Fortress, Anadolu Kavağı, and more.

Go to the Ortakoy area, preferably on a Sunday and enjoy the outdoor exhibition of works by a lot of local artists. Ortakoy means in Turkish “the village in the middle of the Bosphorus”. It is crisscrossed with little shopping alleyways with a multiplicity of shops where you’ll find and appreciate local crafts and delight the classic garnished baked potato so enjoyed by the locals.

Ortakoy Bosphorus Tour

Ortakoy is a short distance from the Besiktas ferry pier on the European side of Istanbul. You can take a bus or walk from there to Ortakoy. Also, you can use the tram to Kabataş and get a bus from Kabataş, or take a bus from/to Taksim Square. The parish is located along the major shore road, and you can find taxis easily.

When to Get There?

Ortakoy is quiet and calm in the morning. Ortakoy is famous for its waterside kumpir stands. Kumpir is a baked potato stuffed with cheese, meze, vegetables, meat, and whatever else you prefer. As you descry your fillings, the kumpir potato will be constructed in front of you. Then head to a bench by the Bosphorus and enjoy your tasty snack viewing a stunning view.

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