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Sile trip with Bosphorus tours

Sile, which is the coast of the Black Sea, is one of the most preferred districts of holidaymakers fleeing Istanbul Bosphorus tours. Sile, which is a stopping point for those who want to have a weekend getaway because of being only 60 kilometers away from Istanbul, impresses with its clean beaches and lush nature. Sile, which has traces of Polished Stone Age life, also hosted Romans and Seljuk Turks.

Because 80% of Sile is covered with forests, it is one of the cleanest places in Istanbul Bosphorus tours. Şile, which we cannot finish by counting its natural beauties, also has a historical past. Şile Lighthouse is just one of the impressive examples that shed light on this past. Turkey’s most wide-bodied Chile, which is the lighthouse to lighthouse, built in 1859 as a French design.

The lighthouse, which also functions as a museum today, was built by Sultan Abdulmecid I and is the second largest lighthouse in the world. Although there are many villages and towns along the coast in Şile, Akçakese Village is one step ahead with its shallow and calm waters. It has a golden shining beach when the sun is at its peak. The reason for this is the presence of gold dust on the beach. Of course, this dust has no economic value.

Sile offers a wide range of visitors in terms of accommodation. You can choose 5 star hotels like Best Western Sile Gardens Spa in the region which is rich in hotels, hostels, rental houses and camping areas, or you can stay in boutique hotels and pensions such as Tilia Butik Pansiyon and Violet Park Hotel Bosphorus tours.

It is very suitable for agriculture due to the fact that it receives a lot of rainfall and fertile soil throughout the year. For this reason, you can eat the freshest of fruits and vegetables in Sile. Once you taste the food prepared from fresh vegetables can not leave again. Moreover, the coast to the Black Sea increases the variety of seafood. The best restaurants to eat in Şile are as follows; Sea Restaurant, Scorpion Restaurant, Tasting Pancake House, Daisy Country Garden and Vira Restaurant.

Having a very lively nightlife in the summer months, Şile offers a limited nightlife to the bone staff after the season is closed. In addition to seasonal bars, pubs and nightclubs, you can accompany your meal to a seaside restaurant with raki if you have made your stay in winter.

The first thing that comes to mind for shopping is Sile diaper. You can find products made of Sile cloth which is unique to Sile which is not sweaty in summer and cold in winter, almost everywhere in the district. In addition, you can visit Şile Natural Products Market and buy many natural and organic foods, and you can enjoy these products when you get back to work.

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