The Istanbul Bosphorus is 30 km long, with a maximum width of 3.7 km at the northern entrance and a min. the width of 750 meters between the Ottoman fortifications of Anadoluhisarı and Rumeli hisarı.

The Istanbul Strait, as it is often mentioned, is the narrowest navigated strait in the planet. At its narrowest point the straight is only seven hundred meters wide, and in some parts, vessels using the straight have to make abrupt directional changes of up to eighth degrees to navigate around the straight’s bends and corners. That, in turn, makes it a notoriously dangerous shipping lane since ships oncoming from the opposite direction can!t be seen.

Istanbul Bosphorus, also spelled Bosphorus, Turkish İstanbul Boğazı, strait (boğaz, “throat”) uniting the Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea separating parts of Asian Turkey (Anatolia) from European Turkey.

The Crossing Place Of The Cow

According to classical mythology, Zeus, the Ruler of Gods, was believed to possess had associate degree insatiable style for girls. it’s aforementioned that his better half Hera once caught him having associate degree affair with a lady referred to as Lo. enraged by her husband’s quality, Hera turned Lo into a cow, then followed informed this by making associate degree evil horsefly. As was the intention, the horsefly injured the cow on its rump, inflicting the cow to leap over the slim straight.

The Greek name for the strait is Bosphorus, and springs from the higher than mentioned incident:

Bous is that the Greek word for a cow, whereas porus is that the Greek word for an area of crossing – the Crossing Place of the Cow.

Bosphorus Cruise In Istanbul

By so much shipping action taking place on the strait, why would anyone wish to go for a Bosphorus Cruise in Istanbul?

Opposite to what you may be thinking, when you go for a Bosphorus Cruise in Istanbul, the chances are you will not even see any big ships sailing by. It may be a very significant shipping lane, but it is not fully the busiest shipping lane.

Cruises on the Istanbul Bosphorus have become important business those days with literally hundreds of tour firms offering a vast variety of Bosphorus cruises. One of the major attractions is the fact that both sides of the straight are seriously populated.

Bosphorus Tours Map
Bosphorus Tours Map
The Crossing Place Of The Cow
The Crossing Place Of The Cow
Whether you Bosphorus cruise along the Asian (Anatolia) side of the strait, or whether you cruise down the European (Trakya) side of the strait, you will be greeted by a kaleidoscope of sights. A lot of visitors to the region even go as far as saying it is one of the best methods to see Istanbul. Most of them also advise going on a daytime cruise as well as a dinner cruise.

Bosphorus’s depth varies from 36.5 to 124 mt. in midstream. In its center, a fast current flows from the Black Sea to the Marmara Sea, but a countercurrent does the surface carries the water of larger salinity from the  Marmara Sea to the Black Sea. The Bosphorus is too much fished because the channel is a seasonal migration route for fish to and from the Black Sea. Both shores are well wooded and are dotted with resorts, villages, and villas and fine residences.

Istanbul Bosphorus virtually means that -ox ford- and is historically joined with the legendary figure of Io, United Nations agency within the kind of a cow crossed the Thraco-Phrygian Bosphorus in her wanderings. Owing to the Bosphorus’s strategic significance for the defense of Istanbul city, straddling the southern finish of the strait, the Byzantine emperors and later the Ottoman sultans created fortifications on its shores, particularly on the eu facet.

2 noteworthy examples square measure the castles of  Anadoluhisarı, that was created on the Asian shore by Bayezid I in 1390–91, and Rumelihisarı, designed directly across the strait by Mehmed II in 1452.

With the growing influence of the eupowers within the nineteenth century, rules were statute (in treaties of 1841 and 1871) governing the transit of business and armed service vessels through the strait. a world commission assumed management of the strait when the Ottoman defeat in war I. Turkey resumed management in 1936.

Three bridges have been made across the strait. You can see them while having bosphorus tours Istanbul. The first, the Boğaziçi (Bosphorus I) Bridge, was finished in1973 and has a main span of 1,074 mt. The second one, the Fatih Sultan Mehmed (Bosphorus II), was finished in 1988 and has a main span of 1,090 mt.  A rail tunnel under the Bosphorus went into service 2013. Third Bridge (Yavuz Sultan Selim) was finished in 2016.

Istanbul Bosphorus Mansions

The Bosphorus Strait in Istanbul is additionally typically remarked the Istanbul Strait. It’s a really slim strait that connects the ocean of the Sea of Marmara and also the sea. The strait runs utterly through Turkey, effectively dividing the Asian and European elements of the country. When you perform Bosphorus tours Istanbul, famous and historical mansions will be attracted your attention.

Sixty Istanbul mansions situated on the Bosphorus, together with thirty historical ones, square measure presently on sale with a worth vary from $4.5 million to $95 million.

There square measure presently 600 bank mansions—which square measure on the highest of the list of luxury properties—on either side of the Bosphorus and 366 of them square measure historical, Demirören press agencyrumored on Sept. 25.

In addition to sixty mansions, around forty mansion flats square measure on sale varied between a worth vary from $1.7 million to $12 million.

The most valuable place on the Bosphorus is between the Bogaziçi and Fatih Grand Türk Mehmet Bridges. The mansions within the Bebek and Yeniköy neighborhoods on the ecu facet and in Vaniköy, Kandilli, and Anadoluhisarı on the Asian (or Anatolian) facet square measure the foremost fascinating ones.

The interest in bank mansions (called “yalı” in Turkish) has spiked when a fall within the price of the Turkish monetary unit, with the largest demand returning from Qataris.

To have a mansion is a vital image of standing in Türkiye. as a result of the, which means of mansion may be a sure customary of life and it’s an explicit economic standing. The sale of those mansions isn’t very easy because it appears to be. as a result of marketing, a mansion is allotted in exceedingly nice secrecy even as shopping for a mansion in Bosphorus. The sale of a mansion is rarely sort of a customary property.

The most valuable mansions square measure between the 2 bridges. The most valuable place of Bosphorus is between Bogazici and Fatih ruler Mehmet Bridges. This region perpetually stands out thanks to being the foremost bright and active region of Bosphorus. The scenery of mansions here is regularly lovely each in the daytime and at nighttime. the worth of mansions in Sarıyer, that lie through Black Sea aspect, is lower as a result of that region is in dark at nights and then they haven’t got musical composition.