Besiktas Bosphorus Tour

Besiktas Bosphorus Tour

Welcome to a unique tour in the Planet’s most lovely strait that divides the continents of Europe and Asia.

With Besiktas Bosphorus Tour, you are invited to the Bosphorus to see and take photos of the Bosphorus bridges, city’s palaces,  seaside residences, fortresses, and coppices as well as many other historical artifacts that the Strait has to offer.

You can get off at any stop you want, and finish your tour by getting on board any of the other ships that arrive next…  That new touring concept has been developed in collaboration with National Palaces. During that tour, you can visit the city and its National Palaces by sea, and thus without dealing with the city’s traffic ( this tour is offered by Dentur Avrasya Company).

Tour boats start from Kabataş. And they will dock at Besiktas, Emirgan, Küçüksu Kasrı, Beylerbeyi Sarayı (Beylerbeyi Palace) respectively and finish the tour once again back in Kabataş, the beginning point.

You are traveling by Besiktas Bosphorus Tour boat on Bosphorus, the jewel of Istanbul, the majestic waterway that separates Asia and Europa. Keep going to spectacular cruise along the Bosphorus and enjoy the wonderful surroundings, such as palaces, grandiose waterfront mansions, imposing fortresses.

Spice Bazaar is one of the city’s most colourful bazaars with different aromas of various spices.

Golden Horn is a piece of İstanbul Bosphorus and a natural harbors of the historical peninsula that allocates the old and newer parts of the old city.

Dolmabahce Palace is the first European architectural type palace, constructed in the 19th century. lt is built of marble. It has 285 rooms and 43 halls.

First Bosphorus Bridge is one of the world’s longest suspension bridge, it connects the continents of Europe and Asia.

Çamlıca Hill is the highest point of the city on the Asian side, it offers a panoramic view of  Bosphorus and İstanbul.

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