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Places to visit Istanbul Bosphorus Tour

Istanbul, which is home to many historical buildings spread over two continents, is one of the most beautiful cities in the world with its unique texture. Thousands of local and foreign tourists visit the historical structures of this magnificent city, which has been the capital of two great empires such as Byzantine and Ottoman. The historical buildings listed on both sides of the city reflect the cultural mosaic of Istanbul. In order to explore the historical buildings of Istanbul, each of which is a symbol in itself, a serious time planning is required. Check out the list of Istanbul attractions to discover Istanbul’s history and feel the texture of the city.

 Hagia Sophia

It is necessary to write the Hagia Sophia, the largest cathedral in the world for a thousand years, in the first place in Istanbul Bosphorus Tour. The period of time when the magnificent structure, which gained its present appearance between the years 532-537, was transformed into a mosque by adding Islamic details, coincides with Istanbul after Ottoman rule. In the garden of the building, which was turned into a museum upon Atatürk’s request, there are graves of some Ottoman sultans. With the mosaic repairs in Hagia Sophia, plaster covering the face of the six-winged angel depiction in the dome for 160 years was removed and in 2009 the face of the angel was revealed.

Sultan Ahmet Mosque

The Hagia Sophia is the most visited holy place in Istanbul Bosphorus Tour Historic Peninsula. It is known that the religious structure, which is the only mosque with 6 minarets in the city, was built between 1609-1616 on the order of Ahmet I. The mosque, which is also called “Blue Mosque dolayı because of its tiles adorning its interior, contains sections that were used as madrasah, bazaar, darüşşifa, imaret and tomb in the past.

Grand Bazaar

If you enjoy shopping in historical venues, add the Grand Bazaar to your list of places to visit in Istanbul. The various records examined prove that the bazaar, which dates back to the period when the city was under Byzantine rule, was built during the reign of Fatih. Today, Istanbul Bosphorus Tour the appearance of II. The bazaar, which won during the reign of Abdulhamid, includes two bazaars called Sandal and Cevahir. In the Grand Bazaar, which is the most important point of the gold shopping in the city today, there are shops selling authentic souvenirs, handmade jewelry, leather design products and hand-woven carpets as well as jewelers.

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